Eternity Review

29 Aug

Planetshakers offers a great 6 week course designed to help you develop an understanding of what Jesus has done in our lives through the GIFT OF SALVATION. Normally, people that have just been saved are encouraged to attend the course. You come to church, learn about God, get saved and now what? So I think it is important to attend. I was saved many years back but feel I need to review my situation, so I am very excited to attend;

The course will:

  • Help you have a daily relationship with God
  • Unlock the power of the Holy Spirit in your life
  • Teach you how to pray and hear the voice of God (not that I think we need to be taught how to pray but let me first see what this is about before I make any uneducated comments)
  • Connect you into the life of the Church
  • Answer any questions you may have ( I have PLENTY questions! )


I was at Church this past Sunday, and heard the Pastor talking about an Urban Life Group that takes place in Woodstock every second Wednesday. Even though the weather was bad they decided to take the snacks that were laid out and go to the streets and bring the GOOD NEWS to the people. Now I like Woodstock. Woodstock has some really interesting people. There are your poorer community who reside there along with middle income, you have your “upmarket yuppies” that like to hang around the Biscuit Mill, your drug dealers, homeless people, and people that just happened to stumble into the area (me) . This makes for a very interesting setup. So this Urban life group goes to the streets eager and looking for people to talk to and they come across this guy, and he is a little taken back but they give him a biscuit and he immediately says “So what do you want to tell me?” and they start telling him about Jesus Christ, and what he can do for you in your life! He confesses that he is a drug dealer and trying to make a living. He wants to make a change! He asks if they can pray for him so that he to can be saved. So the pastor is “Like When?”  and he is like “Now! Right Here”  So they pray for him and he is SAVED! He runs off to call his friends to tell them the GOOD NEWS and brings them back to the group so that they can also learn about Jesus and be saved.

They are all attending Eternity Review tonight! I am so excited to meet these guys who will be given a new lease and complete understanding on life!

Woodstock, Cape Town


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