23 Sep

About Four months ago, I was at KFC in Bothasig and the general service was shocking! I was laughed at because I asked for my change which was 40c, it was not about the money more the principal of the matter. Every single time I go to KFC Bothasig I for some reason am not entitled to my change. So I complained. 5 days later I met up with Mr. Sheikh who is the general area manager for KFC. What a great guy, although I can see his “vision” within the brand, I just don’t think the staff he works with are capable to move in that direction because of the mindset. To give you an example; on the day of the meeting I was asked to meet up with Mr. Sheikh at the franchise to discuss  the overall service delivery of KFC Bothasig and how they were planning on making a change. I walk in and go to the front counter and ask “Is it possible to please speak to Mr. Sheikh, the area manger, as I have a meeting with him please?”  The reply I got from the lady behind the counter was “What kind of milk-“sheikh” do you want sir? Strawberry or Chocolate? You can only have chocolate because the strawberry is just now finished!” I just laughed!

So what has this got to do with theMission?

After the meeting with “Mr. Chocolate Milk-Sheikh” I was given “meal on me” vouchers. I asked him for my troubles to please give me 20x vouchers that I would hand out to the poor or just plain hungry, so they could enjoy a free meal from KFC Bothasig.
I was shocked by the number of people out there that are homeless. I need about 2000x “meal on me” vouchers.

I had driven through to Durbanville to meet up with a friend who was interviewing a band who she was going to manage. While she was chatting I had slipped away to get something to eat. As I walked towards KFC Durbanville a homeless guy was sitting on the pavement and asked me if I could spare some change. I got chatting to Kobus about life on the street and his experiences, beliefs, and desires. I was “kinda shocked” to learn that he had faith in God. I mean, here is this guy – got no home, no family life, living on the street but still believes in God – thats the kinda faith we need in our awesome God. I found it strange in a sense because it is not what God has intended for us and yes we choose our own paths. Yes, we all make mistakes but even when you have nothing – you know you have God.  I asked Kobus what he would like most? He answered “My family, Hot shower and a change of clothes”  It was then that it came to me that I could not even shower for one day without feeling like the inside of dirt filled black bag. Imagine not showering for two weeks……well I can’t! There are some important things to me in my life that “define” who I am God, family, a hot shower and a change of clothes are definitely on the list. If I were living on the streets and wanted to make a change I think the first thing I would need to boost my confidence would be a hot shower, fresh change of clothing and a plate of food…..and the coldest beer in the fridge 🙂 #not joking | It is not the ultimate solution but it would sure give you the confidence to go out and find a job. What worse than having to start your day, firstly by sleeping on the street then having to wake up, not being able to wash or have anything to eat but then be motivated enough to go out and find work and be man enough to support a family.

I would like to start theMission whereby having a premises that homeless, lost, desperate, down and out people looking for change were able to visit in order to (A) get a change of clothes and(B) get a hot shower. What would complete theMission would be to have a plate of food and receive the Good News to encourage you to face the day and make right with your famil and get back into society.

To get this operation going would be a mission of its own. The funds in question, the time it would take to help others is just a daunting thought. It is something I have to do! I can’t explain the feeling but I HAVE TO DO IT! I will be honest and say I don’t think I have the necessary skills but I HAVE TO DO IT! Very Scary indeed. I just know inside its what I have to do. How? When? Where? I don’t have the answers. I am 100% sure that in the near future that this is something that I will be doing – I don’t have a choice

All things are possible through Jesus Christ Our Saviour

  • Premises – Shower, Kitchen, Office, Changing Room, Clothing Room, etc
  • Funding
  • Washing Machines, Irons, Clothing Rails, Bibles etc
  • Staff – recruitment, helpers, cleaners, social workers, hairdressers etc
  • Church on the Sabbath (Saturday), preaching, babtising, giving your life to Jesus, How to be a Man of God. etc
  • Media – Social media, website, local papers etc
  • Realistic Targets – How many people can we help? Grow as we progress? Can we turn people away (hardest thing) etc
  • Law – Registering a NPO, auditing, bylaws etc

The most important aspect would be to have showers and a fresh change of clothes. So I would like to go to companies and place large boxes with “Donate clothing” on them. Bring in clothing to theMission whereby we would sort through them, wash them, iron them and pack them into size, type etc.  You would be able to come to theMission : Register, take a shower, throw away your old clothing (all of it) symbolising the start of change. Pick your own clothing (although not new – would be new in a sense), receive the Good News, giving you the chance to face your day. Re-invited to join for Church followed by a braai or a meal and free shaves and haircuts once a week on a Friday. We would also take a photo of you, list you on websites  for a job and get people intouch. You would be able to type and print a cv. Receive a packed nutritional lunch.  The idea would be ongoing, so not in the sense where you would only come once but where you could continuously get a hot shower etc until you are on your feet.

To start would be by invite only. So instead of just opening the doors (which is part of the ultimate plan) We would invite or nominate people that are in need of help. This way we are able to not turn people away but rather list them to be helped. So after someone is back on their feet we are able to open up the spot to somebody else in need.

“Jesus Paid it all…All to Him I Owe”


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