Water Baptism

1 Oct

I was Baptised on the 23rd of September 2012 @ Planetshakers City Church

What an awesome day! Something I will not forget.

I attended the baptism class the Tuesday before in order to prepare you and help you understand exactly what baptism is about. Although I new what it was about I thought that I should still attend.There was 10 of us at the 9’o clock service that got baptised. We were called on stage, introduced to the Church and Pastor John explained what steps we were taking in our lives. What was really great is that my family was their to witness this event. Praise and Worship continued while we were all called up one by one to be baptised. I remember leaning back and feeling completely calm. I felt a sense of peace and release once they lifted me out of the water. I never felt this massive change but since then so many people around me have mentioned that I have changed, that didn’t even know I had been baptised. I have made a commitment to no longer sit on the fence and show the world that I, Bronson follow Jesus Christ our Saviour.

So what is water baptism?


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